Harlan Tufford

Harlan Tufford,

Senior Governance Consultant


Harlan Tufford is a Senior Governance Consultant at Hansell LLP and Hansell McLaughlin Advisory. His work focuses on board evaluations, providing expert, independent guidance to boards in identifying opportunities to enhance their effectiveness.

Harlan has in-depth analytical and capital markets experience combined with a thorough knowledge of Canadian boards and corporate governance best practices. Harlan was most recently a Senior Associate with Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) where he conducted original research, contributed to national policy guidelines, and provided clients with informed voting recommendations at Canadian shareholders’ meetings. Prior to ISS, Harlan was a Research Analyst at the Clarkson Centre at the Rotman School of Management where he assessed governance and compensation practices among S&P/TSX Composite Index companies and had this work published in the Globe & Mail’s annual “Board Games” feature.

Harlan Tufford serves on the University of Toronto’s College of Electors, is the President of the Woodsworth College Alumni Association, and serves on the Woodsworth College Council. He is a director of the Churchill Society for the Advancement of Parliamentary Democracy.