20 Sample Retainers From Our First Si...

20 Sample Retainers From Our First Six Months

May 9, 2014

Hansell LLP advises boards, investors, shareholders and management teams in crisis and other special situations, and in respect of their governance practices, generally. We advise public and private companies as well as Crown corporations and other government-owned enterprises. We also strive to be thought leaders.

We provide expert, independent legal and governance counsel. That needs a bit of an explanation. Our expertise is both on the legal and governance side. We are lawyers grounded in corporate and securities law. We have extensive experience in corporate transactions and challenges of all kinds, acting for the full range of stakeholders. However, we go beyond advising our clients on what is required or permitted by law. We are expert on practices followed by a wide range of organizations and on existing and emerging expectations of investors and regulators. We have worked with many boards, management teams and investors to help meet their business objectives and deal with the legal, organizational and strategic challenges along the way. We are alert to issues of personal liability and to potential exposure of any process to legal and regulatory scrutiny. We equip our clients with the most effective legal and governance tools to promote and protect their interests.

We have described below some of the types of situations on which we have been engaged.

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