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Expert Reports & Opinions

Expert Reports & Opinions

We provide expert evidence in connection with litigation. Our extensive expertise in governance practices over the past 30 years, supported by our proprietary quantitative and qualitative data sets, allow us to offer expert views on the manner in which boards and management teams have made decisions in a variety of circumstances.

Litigation counsel routinely seek our advice on strategy, in relation to expert reports, and to testify with respect to those reports. Our expertise draws on our experience as corporate lawyers and governance advisors to corporations across a variety of sectors, as well as our experience as directors serving on corporate boards.

Our clients often require formal opinions on some aspect of their governance. In some cases, the legislation governing the corporation may need to be applied in the context of particular facts. In others, the corporation or its board of directors may need guidance on various aspects of their legal responsibilities.

We also conduct and report on governance reviews required by regulatory bodies, including securities regulators, stock exchanges and OSFI. In some cases we are asked to advise on whether the organization’s practices align with regulatory requirements. In other cases, we are asked to recommend changes to governance practices that have failed to prevent or detect breaches of legal or regulatory requirements.