Data Science & Analytics

Data Science & Analytics

Anticipating and responding to governance trends and expectations benefits from new technology and data-driven strategies. We have established a team of data scientists and analysts that, in collaboration with other professionals within the firm, provide depth and insight into real corporate governance challenges. Our data analysis capabilities, combined with our expertise working with boards on legal, governance and communication matters, allows us to provide informed and actionable advice that leads to better corporate decision making.

Our approach and expertise can assist boards and management teams by:

  • providing a more comprehensive assessment of the company’s corporate governance practices and comparative information to inform board and stakeholder engagement activities;
  • using data visualization techniques to help boards make better informed governance decisions, for example, on compensation practices and board succession planning; and
  • using predictive analytics to identify governance issues that are potentially of concern to the corporation’s stakeholders.

Our comprehensive database provides structured and standardized corporate governance data going back to 2003. The database profiles over 760 companies, including TSX-listed companies and Crown corporations, and considers over 200 points of analysis. The data is gathered from publicly available information and is managed internally to ensure that the information is standardized, comparable and reliable.