Our Practice


We are in boardrooms everyday.

We advise on all aspects of corporate governance. The diversity of our practice brings us into boardrooms and C-suites every day. The advice we provide our clients is shaped by our experience with the dynamics and practicalities of governance challenges and solutions.

We are regularly called on for a wide range of governance matters, including:


We are regularly engaged to provide comprehensive coaching and mentoring services to various boards. This includes personalized guidance for individual directors as well as coaching to enhance the effectiveness of board chairs, and committee chairs, where appropriate.

Recognizing the importance of an effective director succession plan, we regularly assist our clients in planning for director succession. We provide a robust approach to succession planning that considers the company’s skills matrix and diversity requirements. We also work with several clients to determine the appropriateness of adopting board renewal mechanisms. This includes reviewing the practices adopted by similar companies with respect to board renewal, including the adoption of age and term limits.

We regularly develop and provide board education sessions for our clients. These sessions address topics relevant to our clients, including topics such as the duties of directors. Our sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Additionally, we collaborate closely with our clients to evaluate, and, where appropriate, provide suggestions to enhance their board education programs.

We craft governance design solutions tailored to our clients needs. We also ensure that the solutions we provide are grounded in the legal framework.

We are often retained to review the governance documents of our clients. At times, we are also engaged to draft new governance documents and offer suggestions on how to enhance existing ones.

We are frequently engaged to conduct comprehensive governance reviews. We place a strong emphasis on understanding the complexities of our clients to ensure that their unique circumstances are taken into account when conducting our reviews. Our reviews are robust and consider the legal landscape in which our clients operates. Each recommendation we offer draws on our extensive expertise in both governance and the law.

Like director education, we also provide education sessions to members of management. These management-focused education sessions are tailored to address the specific requirements of our clients.