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Workplace Indiscretions Come with Har...

Workplace Indiscretions Come with Harsh Consequences, but Don’t Have to be Career Killers

December 12, 2019

Senior Partner Carol Hansell was featured in a December 2019 article published by the Financial Post. The article addressed the impact of workplace indiscretions on executive careers. Quoting from the article:

Carol Hansell, senior partner at law firm Hansell LLP, part of the Hansell McLaughlin Advisory Group, said that there is likely to be a “penalty phase” for any highly skilled executive who leaves under a cloud due to his or her personal behaviour.

“The company (looking to hire) would have to recognize that the story will follow the executive,” said Hansell, whose firm counsels boards on complex legal and governance challenges.

“Increasingly … I think there is a sense developing that people pay a price for (their) mistake, but the penalty phase has to be over at some point,” Hansell said.

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